It’s hard to put into words how valuable our interactions with Insight & Strategies have been.
— Dianne Black, Director, County of Santa Barbara

Client Testimonials

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“We hired Insight & Strategies to assist us in developing a new direction and plan for the future of the Santa Barbara Foundation. Gayle and Mitch conducted a "Deep Dive" Assessment of the organization with all our stakeholders and then facilitated the Board of Trustees in creating a new mission statement and 5 Year Strategic Planning goals for the organization. They also facilitated our staff in the development of Guiding Principles for the organization. Working with Insight & Strategies was both rigorous and joyful. Its principals did not take a cookie-cutter approach, but rather took the time to truly understand  our problems, challenges and aspirations. Gayle and Mitch were smart, probing, appropriately critical, energizing, and ultimately gifted in guiding us to success. We are a better organization today because of our associating with Insight & Strategies.”

Ronald V. Gallo, ED.D
President & CEO
Santa Barbara Foundation

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"Insight and Strategies plays several important roles in our company: coach, teacher, facilitator, sounding board, and even occasionally, informal board of directors.  Our strategic planning sessions with them have resulted in a robust, actionable blueprint for future growth. And in order to keep everybody aligned with and accountable for this plan, we meet together quarterly to update it and ensure we are still on track. We’ve been doing this for several years with very successful end results. We also continue to reap the benefits of the branding work which we did with them. Cypress Grove already had a well-recognized brand in our marketplace but the work with I & S gave us new insights and tactics that have allowed us to convert ever more customers into bonafide raving fans."

Pamela Dressler, CEo
Cypress Grove Cheese,

The Makers of Humboldt Fog Cheese

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"We have worked with Insights and Strategies over the last 10 years including our succession plan for our three construction companies. Mitch and Gayle first helped us to define what we expected from this future sale and develop our goal which was to turn the businesses over to the existing employees. To accomplish this, Insight & Strategies developed and implemented a customized training program for our managers over the last four years. This included management and supervisor training along with personal coaching, instruction in financial literacy and the development of yearly and long term strategic plans. Working with experienced business consultants like Mitch and Gayle has helped us to clearly develop and execute our multifaceted succession plans for each of our companies. I highly recommend their professional services."

Paul Dixon, CFO
Alliance Coast Management Group

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"Santa Barbara County Planning and Development was facing several challenges: engaging its workforce, training for leadership skills, and preparing for high level retirements. We luckily found Mitch and Gayle who provided intensive Leadership Development Training to nearly half our staff, including the Management Team. They also led an staff retreat to introduce some of the key concepts to all staff to ensure of common vocabulary and understanding. The results have been noticeable with concepts from the classes becoming a part of the department’s culture. The executives of the department also worked with Mitch and Gayle to develop a Succession Plan.  In large part because of their guidance, the Succession Plan was accepted by the CEO of the County. It provides a roadmap to guide the direction of training and assignments in the department to ensure we are resilient and prepared for the future.

Dianne Black, Director
Planning & Development
County of Santa BarbarA

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"When we started working with Mitch on building a Leadership Development Program, we had no idea where we’d end up. What started as a team building exercise for senior leaders at Green Diamond became a fully formed program that we’ve run with multiple groups and great results over several years. Each iteration builds on the last and provides an opportunity for previous graduates to build on their skills as they participate as teachers and mentors for the current class.  It is a dynamic program that has become a part of the Company culture.  It has changed how employees who’ve been through the program communicate and work with each other and those around them.  Effective and fun."

Colin Mosely
Chairman of the Board
Green Diamond Resource Co.

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We hired Insight & Strategies several years ago to help us choose an investor for our company. Gayle and Mitch were instrumental in teaching us what to aim for and what pitfalls to avoid and ultimately guided us to make a stellar decision. Years later we hired them again when we realized the company was growing faster than our existing infrastructure could handle. and they introduced us to a whole new approach to building our business. Restructuring a management hierarchy for a client’s business requires a very diplomatic, detailed approach to finesse such an important and intimate decision. The poise and grace that Insight & Strategies demonstrated throughout this process was priceless. They also facilitated in-depth Brand Identity classes to our Board of Directors to help us understand who we are, who our target market is, and how we want to be perceived. As a business owner I could not recommend Insight & Strategies more highly.

Rori Trovato
Founder of
Rori’s Artisanal Creamery

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"We have worked with Insight and Strategies for over 5 years. The  coaching has not only helped with our communication between partners as well as our employees but also helped to bring our business from the red to black. After sessions, we leave feeling inspired and rejuvenated. We work through specific issues as well that help us work through issue with a new perspective to find a solution. We have found ourselves gaining better understanding of what it means to be better business owners, working on our business, not just in it. Gayle has been an invaluable resource."

Meredith Maier and
Talia Nachshson Owners
Six Rivers Brewery


I have been using Insight & Strategies coaching for about 10 years now. Over the years, Gayle has been able to provide excellent coaching and consistent feedback to help me grow my business and grow as an entrepreneur. She is honest and straightforward and provides professional feedback and questions to keep me considering ways to improve and actually earn money at the end of the day!

Mikki Cordoza,Owner
Mikkimoves Real Estate

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“I currently supervise over 30 employees, including 4 production supervisors.  I have been to several different training classes over the last 10 years, and have not learned as much as I have from one Insight & Strategies program.  Mitch and Gayle are outstanding teachers that present the topics in a fashion that allows you as the supervisor/manager a real possibility at being able to apply the topic to your daily functions. I highly recommend this training to anyone that is taking on new responsibilities or would like to take their supervising/management skills to a new level of professionalism.“

Matt Runyan
Production Manager
Wing Inflatables

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"Insight & Strategies has assisted SHN Consulting Engineers & Geologists, Inc. in several critical planning processes.  In 2002-2004 Insight & Strategies led us through a planning process that resulted in a new corporate structure organized to accommodate significant growth and corporate expansion. In 2012 and 2016, we revisited the strategic planning process in order to adapt our business model to the new economic realities.  I wholeheartedly encourage any business owner to add Insight & Strategies to their management team."

Jeff Nelson, CEO
SHN Consulting Engineers
and Geologists