Plan the Future

Our Services

  • Strategic Planning: For some of our clients proactively preparing for the future is a new experience. They are so busy working "in the business" that they rarely find time to work "on the business." For other clients experienced with planning, they are looking for a new approach that allows more creativity and follow-through. In either case, we collaborate with you to develop a clear roadmap for your organization to follow based on an assessment of where you are now and your vision for the future.

  • Organizational Succession Planning: Organizations need to do succession planning if they want the resources to succeed in the face of growth opportunities and up-coming retirements. We can help your organization look ahead and plan for the next generation of leadership by determining your future management needs, gaps and creating a plan for the transition. We assist you to explore your options, make decisions and create an actionable succession plan.

  • Ownership Succession Planning: We work with you, the business owner, to develop your exit strategy based on your financial needs and personal requirements. We help you think through how and when you want to exit your business and develop strategies, plans and timelines to achieve your goals.

  • Business Planning and Business Plan Development: A well-thought out and documented business plan can provide a banker or an investor with the confidence in you and your business to finance your growth. We will guide you in the process of creating the format and content of a business plan for a new or expanding company. We also offer business planning support for those already in business who have limited business background and need to learn to read and use financial reports to make better informed decisions.

Build Leadership Capacity

  • Leadership Training: Many managers and supervisors are promoted receiving little, if any training or tools for these critical roles. We provide leadership and managerial training translating complex business concepts into easy to understand, actionable next steps. We provide both Customized Training as well as Training Programs.

Customized Training: We customize training based on your organizational priorities and the experience level and specific challenges of your employees. We design our trainings so participants can use the concepts they learn immediately.

Training Programs: We conduct comprehensive interactive training for Managers and Supervisors to build their leadership skills and capacity and improve their effectiveness and productivity. These programs bring together peers from multiple companies to provide a forum for participants to share experiences, best practices and support each other. We will be conducting our Supervisor Training and Management Development Program in Santa Barbara.

  • Executive Coaching: Our coaching approach is customized for each person. At the first session we develop individualized training and coaching goals as well as scheduling frequency and duration. As executive coaches we use a combination of our own proprietary training concepts and methods, current leadership techniques, as well examples from our experience to help you achieve your goals as well as deal with issues as they arise. We schedule sessions periodically to assess progress and set new goals where appropriate.

Enhance Organizational Culture and Employee Engagement

  • Communication Training and Team Building: In addition to teaching specific communication skills, our training builds rapport across your organization and develops an organization-wide vocabulary and approach for interacting with each other, your customers and your suppliers.

  • Employee Engagement Infrastructure: Employee engagement is critical to employee retention and productivity. We work with you to create a foundation for employee engagement through clarifying your organizational principles, developing and implementing accountability and motivational systems; and establishing well-defined communication and decision making processes.

  • Organizational Assessment and Design: By identifying the underlying issues impacting your organization we are able to create a recommendation and actionable next steps for addressing critical issues such as high turnover, low morale or difficult interpersonal dynamics. Organizational assessments can be key in increasing staff participation and buy-in to strategic planning and change management efforts.