Supervisor Training

Program Description and Objectives

Insight & Strategies 4-day interactive Supervisor Training Program builds the leadership skills, capacity and confidence of both new and experienced supervisors. We teach supervisors specific tools, skills and techniques to lead their teams and address their day-to-day challenges.

The training will enable participants to:

· Understand the role and expectations of a Supervisor

· Improve their ability to lead, manage and motivate their direct reports

· Increase the productivity, engagement and retention of their subordinates

· Become more autonomous and help their subordinates become more autonomous

· Communicate effectively and deal with difficult situations

Program Approach

Our training translates complex business concepts into easy to understand, actionable steps. Each small class of 10-15 participants is customized using the participants’ current challenges and situations to make the trainings relevant and immediately useful. The program brings together peers from diverse companies to provide a forum for participants to share their perspectives, experiences, and best practices. In addition, the training takes place over four months to allow the participants to practice and integrate their new skills over time.

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